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Get un-stuck. Fast.

Need to get unstuck fast? Book a call and ask Fox anything. You'll get no-nonsense, friendly advice that you can put into action immediately. Guaranteed.

Onwards. Confidently.

Longer term coaching where plans are made and you're held accountable to ensure you achieve your goals for yourself and for your purpose driven business.

Founders Assessment

This free founders assessment is a quick way to perform a check-in with yourself. Expect to unpick some problems and get some clarity within a few minutes.

Founders of Good

A community built entirely of Founders of Good. Find podcast interviews sharing the journey as well as videos and a community that can support you on yours.


Extraordinary individuals. Exponential impact.

Are you a founder of a purpose-driven business and are now wondering “what next”?

I work with you to connect with yourself. Allow space for personal growth so that you have the tenacity to impact the world with your presence and your business.

I’m here to be your partner in finding happiness and professional success on your own terms. I will be your powerful ally, and a champion of everything you can achieve, even the things you think are out of your reach.

Join the other Founders of Good

Get a free, energising dose of inspiration and support in your inbox. Exactly what you need right now on your journey as a founder of good.

"Fox has a natural born talent to communicate with passion, clarity and wisdom."

"If you find yourself tangled up in all your thoughts and ideas, be sure to talk to Fox. He spots the gold in no time and helps you dig it up and use it for the better. "

"Your belief in me and my business was astonishing, just as your support. Especially in the fragile beginning, this has proven invaluable."

"It’s very easy to work with Fox and his energy and humour rub off on everyone around him. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him"

"A pleasure working with Fox. He simply 'gets it'! Has a unique ability to put himself in the shoes of his client and helps work towards their goals, which is ultimately also, his goal. Easy to engage with and incredibly intelligent!"

"An inspirational speaker and genuine free thinker, with the ability to marry it with focused delivery and transformation."

"His understanding of business, leadership and coaching provide him with a unique skill set which is hard to replicate."

"I can wholeheartedly recommend him as someone who is both adept at identifying specific need and providing a holistic solution to any problem."

"I would describe Fox as an exceptionally motivating and inspiring individual and I am grateful for his support so far. I would highly recommend Fox's services. "

"Fox's style of mentoring, directs and prompt me to ask questions to myself, which lead me to a deeper understanding of any challenges I face. From there, it's great to hear Fox's input in new approaches that perhaps I had not considered before or perhaps a change of mindset. "

"By taking the time to understand my field of work and my journey so far, Fox has shared his expert advice on many different approaches to improve time management and implement a strategy that is consistent and works!"

"His advice was pragmatic, easy to follow and very effective. I very much enjoyed working with Fox and value his advice"

"Fox's positive outlook is infectious and often boosted my self-belief. Fox truly is an amazing listener, and was a generous, supportive coach and mentor who was a pleasure to work with."

"Fox brings out the best in everyone with his irrepressible good nature and exemplary leadership. He brings impressive strategic nous and a seemingly inexhaustible supply of ideas to everything he does."

"Fox is that impossibly rare breed of person - technically switched on, totally customer-focused, and is a joy to work with. He's one sharp, smart guy and you feel immensley empowered to have him on your side. Boundless energy and positivity radiate from the chap."

"His razor-sharp inputs have empowered our work to truly "level up" and he constantly inspires us with his imagination. Fox tops all of this off with a very humble disposition"

"It's so so good to be able to work with someone who really understands what business for good is."

"You are distant enough to be superprofessional and personal enough to make it possible to be vulnerable. It is that golden combo, that is the sweet spot."

"You are an outsider that sees the process, the system, but with empathy and encouragement. You always stay in that position, you see the bigger picture, which allows me to dive into it"

"Fox encourages me to slow down, without losing momentum. The lesson learnt then stays with me. That makes all the decisions a lot more sustainable and allows me to learn faster."

"I would recommend you to anyone, as I know you truly make a difference in any project or client you take on. I am very glad to have you on my team."

"Fox has high standards of quality and demands that people take their work seriously. But the critical eye is more like that of a friend, someone that genuinely wants you to do well. This is so so valuable!"

"You are my biggest cheerleader, while also offering feedback in a way that it is inspiring and inviting to make the work better. Thank you."

"Not only did you give me the insight into my own process and what would be the wise thing to do, you automatically link this to the bigger picture AND to my personality."

"You see what I need to do in any situation, whether it is a negotiation, a brainstorm meeting, or an ethical question. It's utterly unique. Thank you."

"THANK YOU. You give me tips and 'homework' that actually WORKS, and that fits in perfectly with my journey as a founder."

Get clear on where you are

Fox can help you understand where you're at right now. Do you have all your ducks in a row? Is there a blind spot you're missing?

Get clear on your destination

Sometimes you simply end up wondering ``what's next`` or ``where is this all leading``. Fox can get you get crystal clear so you can put your energy into the right things so that you really move forward.

Your new, powerful ally.

It can be lonely as a founder. Even if you have people around you, inside your head can be a little daunting at times. You can't always share with your team or those close to you. Fox gives you the safe space you kind of know you need.

Do the work

Fox can keep you accountable. Making sure you don't only dream big and plan goals, but you also actually realise them by doing the work needed to get there.

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